About the laboratory

Laboratory for electro-optics and sensor systems (LEOSS) is a research group within Uni. of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical engineering and Computer science, established in 1995.​

LEOSS objectives:​

  • Searching for new designs and concepts in sensing and fiber technologies​
  • Finding cost-effective solutions in fiber and fiber sensor technologies​
  • Bringing new sensing concepts and solutions into industrial applications​

LEOSS equipment

The laboratory is equipped with a clean room in which equipment for micro-processing and various lithographic processes is available.

At the new location on Valvasorjeva Street in Maribor, we are equipping new laboratories for the production of specialty optical fibers needed for research purposes.

LEOSS staff:​

  • Full-time staff: 8 (depending on projects)​
  • Graduate + diploma students​

LEOSS relevance to Photonics systems:​

  • Over 25 years of experience in optical fibers and optical sensors​
  • Experience in prototype and early stage product development​
  • Very good co-operation with industry partners - in the last 10 years, about 50% of the research budget has come from industry