Research activities

The starting point of the Institute of Automation is research activity in the broad field of automation in electrical engineering. The final goals of our research work can be summarized in the following points:

  • To create added value in the development of industry through cooperation with the economy. The laboratories of the Institute of Automation maintain contacts with most Slovenian companies active in the field of automation, and we also cooperate with several foreign companies. Projects in cooperation with industry are a great asset for us, as we can implement our knowledge in a real environment.
  • To transfer knowledge and experience through projects and at the same time forge ties with experts from our field at home and abroad. Employees of the Institute of Automation participate in two program groups: "Telematics" and "Optical sensors and advanced interactive interfaces".
  • To transfer the knowledge acquired through research through pedagogical work and to expand the base of professional staff and place it in the economy as efficiently as possible. We enable students to actively participate in projects. For this purpose, we publish a list of student projects through which they can gain the necessary knowledge and experience and at the same time prepare material for the preparation of seminar or diploma theses.